• HPUX 9.05 vs 10.20 SCSI Passthrough Driver

    From Dan Palmer@21:1/5 to All on Wed Aug 22 18:19:50 2018
    I am in the process of trying to update a piece of HP test equipment based on a HP 16505A to use HPUX 10.20 or later versus the HPUX 9.05 it was supplied with.

    In particular the HP 16505A was a dedicated workstation (same as a HP 712/100) that was to hooked up to a HP 16500B/C Logic Analyzer via the external SCSI interface to provide the analysis tools for the analyzer.

    The original software supplied in the HP 16505A was HPUX 9.05 and was tailored to only run the analysis program for the analyzer. It was very easy to gain access to the OS via the IPL and setup a root account. So easy to see how it was setup.

    What I found was that the analysis program used the SCSI passthrough driver SCTL to provide the I/O to the analyzer. Running an ioscan on the HPUX 9.05 OS showed the analyzer as a scanner. In addition the device nodes were /dev/scsi/0 - 6 and used the
    major device 105 which was the scsi passthrough driver. Since the dedicated software to control the analyzer is easy to partition out of the base system, I wanted to see if I could upgrade to 10.20 or even 11 and get the analysis software to work on the
    upgraded OS. So I did a cold install of 10.20 with no issues. I was also able to transplant the analysis software without issue. I also recreated the /dev/scsi/0 - 6 using the new major device of 203 which is for the passthrough driver in 10.20.

    The problem I am having is that when I hookup the analyzer and do a ioscan the OS hangs with ibolt errors recorded in the syslog. ioscan is hanging up on the analyzer address. Same happens during a cold boot. The OS hangs for about 5 min and then
    proceeds. The results from ioscan on 10.20 do not show the analyzer at all.

    Does anyone know what the difference is between the SCSI drivers between 9.05 and 10.20 that might give me some hope of getting this working as it seems that something changed in the SCSI drivers between 9.05 and 10.20.

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