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    From John@21:1/5 to All on Mon Apr 19 18:53:07 2021
    Long, long ago in a world (nearly) lost to human memory,
    there was a show in London (or perhaps Harrogate) in the
    days when the Archimedes was the machine to have.

    I'm reminded of it because of Sophie Wilson's talk at
    ROUGOL this evening. At said event, she had some fantastic
    (for the time) JPEGs with more colours than you could shake
    a stick at.

    If you had a blank 3" floppy, she'd copy one or more of
    the images for you. I had at least one, it was of Rannoch
    Moor, and I found myself gob-smacked by it. The problem is,
    I don't have it any more.

    If anyone has that JPEG, or any of the others she was
    distributing, I'd be obliged if you'd let me have a copy -
    purely for old-time's sake you understand.

    The address is valid so, if you have copies, I'd be
    interested to hear from you.



    j dot mccartney atte blueyonder dot co dot uk

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