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    I want to write to a CD on my AMX X6 and be able to read the disk on a
    PC. I have formated a disk on the PC but the ARM X6 will not accept it.

    If you wish to burn CDs on RISC OS systems, you need CDVDBurn from Hubersn Software:


    Check compatibility with your CD drive, as I believe that some of the drives used by R-Comp don't play nicely with CDVDBurn. There's a list of compatibility at


    If in doubt, following up the suggestion on that page of emailing for advice would be a good idea.

    If I format a CD on the ARMx6 will a PC read it?


    I have looked at FORMAT on the ARM X6 but I am very nervous of trying it
    in case of formatting the wrong disk and stuffing the machine.

    *Format has nothing to do with burning CDs and DVDs. It is for formatting conventional discs, such as hard discs, SSDs, USB drives, SD Cards and so
    Thanks for the reply Steve.
    I mistakenly thought there was a need to format a CD before you could
    before burning. In the distant past I have burnt data to CD's but
    memery almost non existant now !!!.
    Now to see where CDVDBurn is.
    Thanks again
    Malcolm Smith

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