• Wlang - is it useful?

    From Ronald@21:1/5 to All on Mon Oct 26 10:26:32 2020
    While looking for HP 200LX (tiny DOS computer) things, I came across
    this implentation of W.
    It looked like the X86 code could be replaced by OS_Write and so on.
    W is quite hard to google, however there seems to be a few places
    on github for Wlang.
    One description there is
    " WLANG is a subset of the C programming language and supports
    sequential, interprocedural programs. ... The interpreter generates the
    trace (i.e., the sequence of values of a program's variables at each
    point of its execution) of each analyzed program from the given inputs."
    I guess it is the same W.

    It looks like it is interactive like BASIC, but sort of C scriptable.
    My thought is that it could make a support shell for the RISC OS CLI
    with a few chosen routines.
    Sort of like shell scripting with powerful native functions.

    Ronald May

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