• Questions to compiling !POPStar on Titanium with DDE

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    Alexander Ausserstorfer <bavariasound@chiemgau-net.de> wrote:

    Yes the command line is longer than 256c but, with the amu command,
    I did not have this problem, it may be from your version of DDE (DDE 28

    Where do I find the version number? There are a lot of files and
    utilities comming with DDE but not one.
    Type CC in a taskwindow, this is the C compiler, the version number
    changes with each version of the DDE.
    Mine is 5.77 for DDE28b

    For information:
    I don't know how to use PopStar !!!

    It was the first programme ever I used to fetch my emails. It is
    similary to !Hermes but free. I always liked to improve it.

    I use !NewsHound (same author) for news. Works well with Messenger.

    In fact it was to test the DDE and its libraries.

    I'm interested if you can make it work !PopStar ....

    With your help I was able to compile !PopStar now. To me it is a very complicate process. You have to set up a lot of variables before you can compile it successfully. Also, it builds just the file !RunIm32 which is
    a part of !POPStar but not all. You will find the rest when you download
    the whole application

    If you click on MkInstall you get the complete application in the Install directory which is in AcornC / C ++.
    This is in the Makefile file.

    Now I just launched! InstTrans:
    "This program will install the POPstar newsbase transport
    into the !NewsDir.newsbase.transports directory."

    I will study now the whole process with DDE before I try to switch
    everything to GCC. The target is to join !POPStar with the
    GNU-TLS-library and to improve the software not in only this way.

    Good luck!



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