• Extract BLOB column data to a file with CL or SQL?

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    Hi All,

    I have an application that is generating various kinds of files (mostly PDFs) and saving them in BLOB columns in a db2 for i database table.

    I may need to write a utility to extract these out to an IFS file. I can do this with an C embedded SQL program but wonder if this can be done with a SQL stored procedure or with a CL command - is that possible? It seems there's no SELECT ... INTO :
    file type command for a SQL procedure so I suspect not...


    Hello -

    I need to do the opposite, ie copy a bunch of ifs files to a blob column in a table. Each record in the table will have one ifs file and I know the key values to populate the other fields in the table. Does anybody have any suggestions how to do in
    RPGLE or SQL.

    Gary W.

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