• Old as400 Twinax to DB9 cable.

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    On Monday, May 11, 2009 at 6:43:03 AM UTC-4, Luke wrote:
    I collect old computers as a hobby. I've been given an old B series
    9404 as400 box. I have an InfoWindow 3477 console, QSECOFR password
    and some twinax cabling, but I have no way to connect the twinax
    cables to the workstation controller card in the server nor the
    I believe I need something called a 4-Port twinax brick for the server
    side and a twinax T to DB15 cable for the terminal. The problem is
    they are hard to come by and when they show up on ebay the shipping
    usually costs 4 times as much as the part.
    Does anyone in this group have them? If you do could you measure which
    pins of DB15 and DB9 plugs go to which on the twinax connector? Alternatively, is someone willing to sell those parts for a reasonable
    price? I'm located in UK.
    Have any 6603 86F0100 DASD's --or compatibles-- for sale?

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