• Got a lovely craigslist AS/400 9404 ... now what?

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    On Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 9:29:37 PM UTC-4, andy wrote:
    Hello everyone - any tips for an ABSOLUTE AS/400 novice?

    I've acquired a beautiful 9404 which seems to be fully loaded with all sorts of goodies at the back. A bay at the front is missing but the other two bays have a pair of EMC drives in each. Also an 8" floppy and Tape drive. Model E10, serial 10-24107.

    After thoroughly embarrassing myself (i will spare you the details) due to my lack of knowledge regarding baluns and twinax, I managed to hook up a 5291 terminal via twinax block adapter 72X5645 to the AS/400. When I try to manually IPL (A) eventually
    the screen springs to life and tells me:

    Display Missing Disk Units

    The following disk units are missing from the disk configuration:

    1 3 6109 0040 00-0635524 0010-0500FFFF FFF2
    0 0 2615 0001 10-2892013 0010-FFFFFFFF 3400

    Press Enter to use the Dedicated Service Tools (DST)

    Anyway I can enter into DST (password was QSECOFR) and go to "Work with Disk Units" then "Display Storage Device Error" I get the same info again.

    If I go to "Work with Disk Unit Recovery" I get options to "Assign Missing Unit."

    Then I stop! Too scared to go further... completely do not know what I am doing.

    Assuming there's a missing disk that was pulled before this went on craigslist, how do I tell the system to make do without it? Should I do that? How can I reinstall the operating system with these missing disk units?

    So many questions... apologies as I am completely out of my depth!


    @ Andy,

    Do you want to sell the drives?

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