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    From Jay Benton@21:1/5 to Ace on Wed Jan 27 10:11:20 2021
    Did you have issues with reports being cut off? I've sent several reports to the output queue following the information above. The reports are 132 column and 198 column. Both are cut off around 90 columns.

    On Wednesday, October 8, 2008 at 5:02:11 PM UTC-4, Ace wrote:
    FT wrote:
    This will work if you want to go through the problems of setting it
    up. I do AS400 printing solutions for various clients and have found
    it (so have they) much more cost effective and less headaches to
    install software to do this. Mainframe or whatever the host, software
    saves them money because of all the programing on the host side that
    needs to be done. We've used a few different solutions over the last
    10 years but RPM has been the most stable. The RPM package used to
    have to use a work around for mainframe to pdf but their new version
    does this natively. Check out http://lpd.brooksnet.com/mainframe-to-pdf.html

    Hope this helps and I'd be interested in know how it worked out for
    Totally free: www.pdfing.com

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