• Qc3CalculateHash() not returning expected results

    From Patricia Sitar@21:1/5 to ggo on Thu Dec 10 17:22:23 2020
    On Monday, September 29, 2014 at 1:34:57 AM UTC-7, ggo wrote:

    your code actually should work (I have tested it, slightly modified because I don't have c++ available on my system, only C),
    the only problem is the end of the test input string:
    should be

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    Olivier gg.
    Le mercredi 21 avril 2010 18:22:11 UTC+2, Mr. K.V.B.L. a écrit :
    I'm kinda going blind with a lot of this API stuff sometimes because C examples are rare for most anything 400. Anyway I can't get a MD5
    thing to work and return the right hash. Anyone have a real working example? I was careful to make sure my data was ASCII since most if
    not all MD5 test vectors assume ASCII.

    // Test string, minus quotes, CCSID 819.
    // "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"

    // Expected result for MD5

    char *test1 = "\124\150\145\40\161\165\151\143\153\40\142\162\157\167\156\40\146\157\170\40\152\165\155\160\163\40\157\166\145\162\40\164\150\145\40\154\141\172\171\40\144\157147";

    void CalculateMD5()
    char Key_verification_Hash[33];
    Qc3_Format_ALGD0500_T md5;
    error_code_t error_code;

    memset(&Key_verification_Hash, 0, sizeof(Key_verification_Hash)); memset(&error_code, 0, sizeof(error_code_t)); error_code.ec_fields.Bytes_Provided = sizeof(error_code_t);

    int Length_of_input_data = strlen(test1);
    md5.Hash_Alg = Qc3_MD5;
    char Cryptographic_service_provider = Qc3_Any_CSP;

    (char *)&md5,

    if (error_code.ec_fields.Bytes_Available != 0) {
    cerr << error_code.ec_fields.Exception_Id << endl;
    else {
    cout << "Qc3CalculateHash() seems to have worked." << endl;
    char out[100];
    memset(out, 0, sizeof(out));
    md5_sig_from_string(Key_verification_Hash, out);
    cout << out << endl;

    to_Base64(Key_verification_Hash, 16, out, 100);
    cout << out << endl;
    I am trying to do the SHA-256 hashing from a file from the IFS. The hashing is not coming our correctly. Can somebody help?

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