• Re: CASIO 9000 (BOSS) and Mac/Sun usefulness

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    On Thursday, July 5, 1990 at 9:50:14 AM UTC-7, Richard Bretscheider wrote:
    phd11@.uk.ac.keele (Zipzoid) writes:
    Although this seems a HP48SX group mainly :), I was wondering if anyone
    had some thoughts on the CASIO BOSS 9000 (the one with the large lcd >screen, touch pad keys - and most important: a jack for interfacing
    to a computer).
    I have the 7500, basically the same machine, minus the slot and four
    meta keys (same functionality available on both machines.)
    I saw a few postings a while back about using one of these things to
    xfer data to/from PC's and Suns.
    PC and Mac data transfer is a commercial product (cable and software)
    that basically is Traveling Software's Laplink product modified for
    both machines.
    (Requests about SUN transfers deleted-I can't help you there.;-)
    SO, can anyone enlighten me on this issue... I have about 100 pounds to >spare to get the beast (and I'll have to shell out some more
    to get the interface too), but am loathe to do this if 9000-Mac xfers >aren't possible (I'll be leaving my sun in a year, but not my mac - that >stays!!).
    Mac transfers are very possible. Software works fine. And this just in... CESoftware's scheduling package, Alarming Events, will transfer schedule
    data to your CASIO if you have the cables! That makes things very nice because although the Mac<->Casio software works ok, it's basically for editing and backup. The CES product will keep alarm events live on your
    Mac for you! Supposedly AE shipped last week.
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