• TRS-80 PC-2 Printer

    From Captain Nemo@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 13 16:19:43 2017
    I have a couple of PC-2 with the cassette/printer docks. I'm trying to
    get the printers to work but I keep getting stuck.

    When I got the cassette/printer docks, the rechargeable batteries were
    shot. I followed the instructions I saw on here (https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=apQIIPKX1_g). According to this guy, the batteries were only
    needed as a buffer. The AC adapter supplied only 500mA, but the
    solenoids needed 1.5A when they fire. The printer is supposed to work
    fine without the batteries, if you use a larger power supply.

    So I located a 9V 2A power supply but I keep getting an Error 6 when
    powering on the PC-2 (which means that the printer isn't working - but no details). The printer does start to move (it looks like a self-test)
    when the PC-2 is powered on. But that's all.

    One thing that I noticed was that my printers do not rotate the pens
    during the self-test (like I've seen on videos of working printers).

    What I'm looking for is ideas of what else to look at. The printer
    mechanism seems find. No loose or broken parts. The pens are dry (still working on sourcing those). But I can't see any problems.

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