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    Computer Programming by Tamim Shahriar Subeen: A Book Review
    Computer Programming is a book written by Tamim Shahriar Subeen, a Bangladeshi software engineer and educator. The book is intended for beginners who want to learn the basics of programming in C and Python languages. The book covers topics such as data
    types, operators, control structures, functions, arrays, strings, pointers, files, structures, algorithms and problem solving. The book also contains many examples and exercises to help the readers practice their skills.

    computer programming by tamim shahriar subeen pdf 15
    Download File https://cinurl.com/2wGnZT

    The book is available in both English and Bengali versions. The English version can be downloaded as a PDF file from Google Drive[^1^] [^2^]. The Bengali version can be accessed from the author's website[^3^], where you can also find more resources and
    tutorials on programming. The book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License, which means you can share and use it for non-commercial purposes as long as you give credit to the author and do not modify

    If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-follow introduction to computer programming, you might want to check out this book. It will teach you the fundamentals of programming logic and syntax, as well as some useful tips and tricks. You will also
    learn how to apply your knowledge to solve real-world problems using C and Python languages.
    The author of the book, Tamim Shahriar Subeen, is a well-known figure in the Bangladeshi programming community. He is the founder and chief mentor of Dimik Computing, a platform that offers online courses and contests on programming and computer science.
    He is also a senior software engineer at Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh. He has a passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge with others, especially young students who want to pursue a career in programming.

    The book has received positive feedback from many readers who have found it helpful and informative. Some of the testimonials are:

    "This book is very good for beginners. It explains everything clearly and gives many examples. I learned a lot from this book." - Md. Rakibul Islam
    "I really enjoyed reading this book. It is written in a simple and friendly way. It covers all the basic concepts of programming and also some advanced topics. It helped me to improve my skills and confidence." - Fahmida Akter
    "This book is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn programming. It is not only a book, but also a guide and a mentor. It teaches you how to think like a programmer and how to solve problems using logic and creativity." - Md. Ashraful Alam

    If you are interested in learning more about the book or the author, you can visit the following links:

    CP-Computer Programming [Tamim Shariar Subeen].pdf - Google Drive কম্পিউটার প্রোগ্রামিং বই
    Tamim Shahriar | Facebook
    Dimik Computing | Learn Programming Online


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