• Trackpoint is going wild

    From Alexander Goetzenstein@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jul 17 12:09:35 2021
    my ThinkPad T560 is running Linux with KDE and works really fine so far.
    With one exception: from time to time, the trackpoint is jumping and
    klicking uncontrollably, without any obvious reason. It occurs not every
    day, not even every week, but maybe several times consecutive within
    minutes, completely at random. Always the event seems to be triggered by
    moving the cursor by the trackpoint, and even letting it go won't stop
    it. The only action that helps is pressing [Alt]+[Tab] and clean up the
    damage caused by the jumping and klicking cursor; often there are dozens
    of windows opened, settings changed or even desktop items added or removed.

    This all happens on two identically setup T560 in the same way; it never occurred with one of the many ThinkPads I used before. It does not
    happen if a mouse is used instead of the trackpoint. But the trackpoint
    is one of the main reasons to buy a ThinkPad...

    Is there any fix or workaround that allows using the trackpoint in a
    secure way?


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