• why doesnt pi calculate? on 50g

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    Vincent wrote:
    on my 50G is there a way than when Pi is in an equation that I am
    solving, than when I hit enter the pi does stay there, I hate this, if
    I say 12 * 2* pi, I just get 12 * pi, I want this to stop and for it to just treat pi as 3.14

    Short answer: Above the enter key, you will find an orange ->NUM. Press right-shift, then Enter. Viola, symbolic is converted to numeric.

    Less short answer: There's a mode called Exact in which answers appear symbolically, and a mode called Approximate in which answers are
    converted to numeric results. To toggle between these modes, press
    Mode, pick the CAS menu item, and toggle the "Approx" field; or, as a shortcut, just be at the normal stack display, and HOLD the right-shift
    key while pressing Enter. (A little icon in the upper part of the
    display will switch between '=' and '~'.)

    There's a few other modes. They are worth digging into the manuals to discover. The HP-50G, like most HPs, works differently enough from the
    way its competitors do, to require some careful study in order to get
    the most out of it; but that study will be well rewarded. Good luck!

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    Thanks. This was very helpful because I just added >NUM as a keystroke after pi in my program.

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