• Quickclose on HP48g+ Emulator m48+

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    Recently my trusty HP 48g+ stopped functioning and I thought instead of making a new purchase that I could find an app for my iphone with surveying software similar to "Quickclose" which many surveyors use on Hp calculators.
    Well what I discovered was that there isnt really many apps that would be comparable with the Quickclose program which I use regularly but the found the m48+ emulator.

    So after purchasing the app on the Appstore I have been able to load the Core programs of Quickclose and have been successful in getting them on to the stack in the emulator but here is where I fall down in getting the software to run.

    Firstly I am bringing the .LIB file on to the stack and then store it to port 0,>


    Then I load the INQC3OLD onto the stack and save as a variable, say "x".

    Then I access the X variable and then it appears that the Quickclose program has installed as the cover page appears but then when I select run it responds with a message "Core Program Not Installed"

    I can only think that the .lib file has been unsuccessful in storing as an object.

    Has anyone had luck in installing this software and running it?

    i really would like and have tried to purchase the QuickClose programs but no one from AU ever responds to me in Texas,
    any chance you could pdf or zip those programs to me, would really appreciate it....!!!!

    thanks in advance for any reply !!!


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