• A Calculated Move: Calculators Now Emulated at Internet Archive

    From Fabio Muller@21:1/5 to All on Tue Feb 14 06:04:14 2023
    From Internet Archive Blog: http://blog.archive.org/2023/01/29/a-calculated-move-calculators-now-emulated-at-internet-archive/

    It’s time to add another family of emulated older technology to the Internet Archive.

    The vast majority of platforms within what we call The Emularity happens because of the work of MAME Team, which has spent over 25 years adding support for tens of thousands of machines, platforms, and tools to their breathtaking system. The amount of
    arcade machines and computers they now cover is so huge, a site exists just to keep track of what they don’t emulate… yet.

    While we have an excellent family of emulators assisting MAME in making programs work in the browser, the vast majority of the items in our Internet Arcade (and Turbo Edition), Console Living Room, and Handheld History collections mostly have MAME to

    And now another can as well: ******The Calculator Drawer.******

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