• New PPC Archive USB Drive (Version 2.42) Available

    From Jake Schwartz@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 1 10:54:10 2022
    Version 2.42 of the PPC Archive USB drive is now available with roughly 9,770 pages (6.2 GB) of new material.
    Section 1 includes 7 new PPC-related documents, added U.S. Navy Personal Programmable Calculator materials, plus significantly-expanded Philadelphia-area PPC chapter handouts covering 21 years;
    Section 2 adds CHHU "Card in the Box Version "D", six additional CHHU-related items, two HPX-related items, Richard Neleon-Henry Horn correspondence, plus three nore issues of the HP Journal;
    Section 3 adds a 1994 HPCC introduction document;
    Section 4 adds "Recreational Programmers' Notes newsletter issues from New Zealand, materials from the recent HHC2022 Nashville and HPCC2022 London conferences,
    additional handouts from five special CES-related meetings in Chicago and/or Las Vegas and more;
    Section 5 (Educalc Library) adds 21 new documents from the "Additional EduCALC Materials" section;
    Section 6 (HP-related materials) adds 241 new individual documents, many new new multi-issue collections including HP invent magazine (2000-2001), plus pages from an additional Elek-Tek catalog.
    For more information, please check http://www.pahhc.org/ppccdrom.htm .
    Jake Schwartz

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