• New Version (2.40) of the PPC Archive USB Drive Available

    From Jake Schwartz@21:1/5 to All on Sun Oct 31 15:59:51 2021
    Version 2.40 of the PPC Archive USB drive is now available with roughly 3,300 pages (2 GB) of new material.
    Section 1 includes a collection of 8 sets of Handheld Calculator Session papers (Wescon, Electro, West Coast Computer Faire, NCC) from 1975 to 1979 plus a new PPC Journal five-way Volume-9 (1982) index.
    Section 3 adds the Handheld and Portable Computer Club's "inception" article plus Datafile Sample Issue 3;
    Section 4 includes 11 formerly-missing issues of the Australian High-Powered Hand Helds (HPHH) newsletter plus the proceedings from the recently-held HHC2021 conference in Nashville.
    Section 5 (Educalc Library) adds 135 newly-located EduCALC Newsline message transcripts, nine more miscellaneous EduCALC-related documents, plus six more lessons in the EduCALC Programming Class exercises collection.
    Sectoin 6 (HP-related materials) adds 95 new individual documents, 14 additional multiple-issue documents, plus excerpts from two additional Elec-Tek catalogs (bringing the total to 28 issues from 1981 to 1996)
    For more information, please check http://www.pahhc.org/ppccdrom.htm.

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