• HP50G userlisp program subroutine name change

    From Mehmet Oral@21:1/5 to All on Sat Sep 25 08:27:11 2021
    Dear Sirs,
    I am a fan of HP calculators, and an HP50G user. I have some user lisp programs. I tried to use one of my old programs for RF concrete slab calculations. It has one main file exe and 11 subroutines named S1 to S11. They are under the HOME/CONCRETE/SLAB
    I don't know how it happened the name of the S11 was changed to S1>> and these subroutines can only be seen under the FILER tree.
    I can't see the subroutines S1 to S11 under the SLAB directory menu.
    Under the menu, there is only the main file exe and local variables are visible.
    There is also an unnamed subdirectory that contains some data files and directories of FEM48/49, Truss48/49 by C. Lughtmeier, and VigaG beam analysis library from E.Cordoba. I am using these LIBs from time to time and they are creating some data files in
    HOME menu.
    I tried to change the name of the S1>> to S11 from the FILER, I couldn't manage to do it.
    Try to purge the unnamed subdirectory from FILER, the variables inside it become the variables of the HOME menu, and the rest of the other subdirectories inside HOME can only be seen under the FILER tree.
    I did a reset and RESTORE the last month's HOME menu from SD backup, I had the same problem.
    For a temporary solution, I write the S11 subroutine again and save it under the SLAB directory with S11 name. My program is working now.
    However, I can't see the rest of the subroutines, and the unnamed subdirectory ( 4.4kb) still exists here.
    I will appreciate any help or explanation,
    Kind regards, Mehmet

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