• step by step

    From #5@21:1/5 to All on Tue Mar 31 23:27:30 2020
    hello, i have an hp 50 and an hp prime
    i selected step by step on the 50g in the CAS menu
    now i want it to solve limits step by step, for instance:

    lim (x² -1)/(x - 1)

    would evolute to:

    lim ( x + 1 ) ( x - 1) / ( x -1 ) = 2

    i know this example is simple but i need to solve some complicated limits and i want to know how to do it. but i cant make step by step work.
    First i use EQW to write the limit then click eval and the answer is given imediatelly

    how do i make it to work? thanks in advance

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