• EMU48 on MX linux using WINE emulator, how to get a ROM on there?

    From martinr@goldeneraproductions.org@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jan 12 21:43:06 2020
    Got EMU48 1.62 loaded on MX Linux 19 under WINE. Got the thing loaded fine, but can't figure out HOW to get the ROM on there, or, which ROM I really should be using with this. Wanted to get as close to an HP50G that I possibly can, as that is what I'
    m used to using. Anyone have instructions on selecting and installing ROM under WINE on MX Linux flavor of Debian linux so it will see, accept, and use the ROM? This EMU48 is the one which has 10 different KML scripts starting with Casey's GX with
    toolbar and touch screen.

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