• I have written a short introduction to the HP Prime

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    I have written a 50 page ebook introducing the user to the HP Prime. Now I do not profess to be an author, I have never been an excellent writer, I have just enjoyed using HP products form the early 90's.

    I was initially going to spend more time on it, but decided to release it as it is to gauge the public interest, if it sells I am more than happy to expand it. I even have ideas about additions.

    If you are interested in looking here is the Amazon listing:


    Again I do stress I stopped working on it, fearing it would be a flop.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Michael Carey

    The HP Prime new handheld, iOS, Android, Windows phone and tablet Free/Lite/Pro apps, plus PC and mac emulator make it the perfect companion for the College Mathematics for the managerial, life, and social sciences student.

    It is a calculator, CAS (Computer Algebra System), plus has owm mini apps.

    To get started with all these features go to our free http://computerlearningservice.com/Academy NEW website Prime Academy|Learning Center. See our 92 Youtube videos on how to use the HP Prime. Be sure to look at pull down and fly outs at the Finite Math
    and Algebra tabs. Follow up with our $4.99 Kindle eBook. Sorry, I could not find your book at the link.

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