• do you know the game The Adventures of Valdo and Marie. Please can

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    I play this game for months and walk and walk around to get a piece of

    Do someone play this game. There are a walkthrough but have the same problems.

    There is a rag dangling from the ceiling. Click it and a Guru appears.
    He asks if you want his advice and you must say yes to continue. He
    then asks if you want to travel back in time to relive your past. You
    must say yes to continue. He then gives a short speech and...nothing
    happens. I found a German walkthrough and it indicated that this is
    where you get another piece of the map. But I can't do anything here.
    You don't have your inventory with you, there's no menu and the only
    hotspot to click on is the exit.

    The German walkthrough say that you get a piece of map from the Guru
    in India.

    "Die Abenteuer von Valdo und Marie
    Zwischenstopp in Indien
    Im Zimmer des Guru´s können Sie in die
    Vergangenheit zurück gehen und noch ein Kartenstück einsammeln.???"

    When i talk to the Guru and say 2x Yes to go in the past, after that
    i can do nothing to get in the past. ??

    Please if you know this game and have played it tell me or send me a
    save game with that piece of map :)

    I know this might be too late, but I had the same problem many years ago and today I was able to find all the pieces of the map. I still couldn't go back in time in the Guru scene, but that part wasn't necessary for solving the map puzzle.
    For me, the part of the map that I was missing was in the sunken Chinese ship, in the last stop before reaching Japan. What I had to do was give the old man the map, he said he had a similar piece stored in a jar and he gave it to Valdo, after he found
    The last piece of the map is given by Marie, right before entering the ship again, after successfully completing the final puzzle in Japan.

    It was somewhat thrilling to finally complete the game I had played as a child!

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