• Wasteland 2: The directors cut

    From naturedoesnotnurture@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Mar 26 11:43:05 2016
    I finished this last week.

    Ironic that its a recently crowdfunded project, but should have came out in the early 2000's ideally between Fallout and Fallout 2.

    Usenet lives.

    Given that, there is not a lot I can say about the game that I dont like. Its kind of like the second coming of christ or the messiah or maitreya. "Oh, i'm sorry your now what we were expecting..."

    Not the kind of attitude you want when your in a position for waiting so long for something who's time was come to roll out and finish itself.

    First of all, this is the directors cut. It claims that it can only run under Visa or windows 8.* I installed and ran it on a HP laptop with integrated video.

    It did not meet any of the published requirements, but was playable. But I had to run it under dos (command prompt) from the game directory. Each time I wanted to run it I had to run it from dos or else you would get a crash to desktop.

    I cant wait for Wasteland 3.


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