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    Ronald Russell wrote:

    I noticed the game "Drakan-Order of the Flame" on sale at my local
    : Hastings
    for $16 today. I've played the demo, and found the controls difficult
    : to
    adjust to after playing Tomb Raider 1 through 4. How does Drakan
    : compare
    with Tomb Raider? Do you think it is worthwhile, or just a TR clone?

    I believe Drakan is universally despised. This might be the wrong place
    : to
    come for a favorable review of Drakan, though.

    Very much so worthwhile. About the controls, TR is best played with
    keyboard or gamepad, while Drakan is best with a keyboard and mouse combination.
    As a bonus there's multiplayer play if you're in a competitive mood.
    : A very good 3rd person game that stacks up just fine to many
    : action/adventure games IMHO. The fighting is fun with the various swords
    : and Arokh's fire. A lot of the graphics are quite nice, especially when
    : it's snowing.
    : BearBiz
    Try this: when riding the dragon and it's snowing, hold down freelook and
    the sneak button and move the camera around. It'll look like those commercials where everything freezes for a second as the camera moves to a different position.
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