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    What makes you think you need a patch to run in software mode? That option is built into the program.

    There is a patch out at http://www.ubisoft.com/support/myst3patch.php

    - rick
    That patch is mainly for the drive letter over H:\ problem. It doesn't address the problems some people are having with software mode.
    Ubisoft sent me an email that the next patch will be out early next week.
    "fred j. philipp" <fred...@prodigy.net> wrote in message news:9dq8nj$b71i$1...@newssvr06-en0.news.prodigy.com...
    Anyone know where/when/how/who the patch will be available to play the
    in SOFTWARE mode??????????

    UBISOFT missed the boat on this one. What a fiasco. NO Beta testers????

    $50 and $60 bucks for a piece of _ _ _ _!!!!

    I work at a Babbages and I have told ALL my usuall customers to pass on

    I left a message at UBI Soft.com, what a laugh. They wrote back that if
    did not hear from ME in 48 hours, they would assume that I had solved
    problem. Give me a break.

    No wonder Adventure games in the US are dying. The only good, ie, no
    games are coming from Europe.

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