• Phantasmagoria, Chapter 7 walkthrough?

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    Okay, I know enought people have already asked, and may have recieved a
    walkthrough for Phantasmagoria, but I'm really getting annoyed with chapter 7,
    and had to request it too. Adreinne's been cornered in the darkroom, and Don's
    got her. Cue the H2SO4 (just a semi-camouflaged hint; don't want to spoil it >for anybody...!). I've tried whapping him over the head with the poker, but >the game won't allow it. I've so far been able to grab the book but not >escape (ending = Don dies, Adrienne survives, if you know what to do..!), or >she runs out of the darkroom. I've only done this once, cuz it's a pain to >have to work back up to that point again and again... Am I on the right track
    in either of these pursuits? It'd be interesting if Don could be saved. Nope, Don can't be saved.. Why do you need a walkthrough? I know, the last part is REALLY frustrating, but there's always the HINTKEEPER! Some things
    in the final chapter are VERY illogicial (isn't the whole plot?), and
    without the Hintkeeper I would never guessed for example to examine
    Carno's body..
    PS: Is it just me, or do both Don and Adrienne have really limited
    wardrobes? I couldn't find any washer/driers around, so they must have been >pretty ripe by chapter seven... Maybe they washed them in the river/creek..? Hey, I noticed thousands of that kind of ridiculous errors (most of them
    were far WORSE). For example: they're just moved in, right? And when you enter a room for the first time, EVERY F...ING CANDLE IS LIT! Everything seemes brand new, All dust is dusted off, Fireplaces have fire, Windows
    are in nice shape (and CLEAN), There are no boxes etc. you except to find when someone's moving etc. etc. etc.
    To put it short: PRETTY DAMN BORING "GAME"! And I payed 300fim for it!
    And it doesn't work properly on my CD-rom drive (Mitsumi).
    Let's hope Sierra goes bankcrupt before they release any more of this
    kind of crap... That's it, I'm going to play Flight Of The Amazon Queen..
    (at least it's a GAME)
    No offence to you, but R.Williams :)
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