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    Etal wrote:

    Gabriel Knight wrote:

    im somewhere in the middle of playing Riven heres my

    I have been using the submarine to goto the diferent places I
    didnt goto the school yet, I got to the hanging contraption
    the one that is a sacrifice for the big fish and went up the
    cable but now I cant get back down it, the submarine is at the
    bottom of it and there is no other way to get to it. the
    walkthrough here says I cant go back down, is this true? Is
    there a way down?


    if not I will have to start over......that I dont want to do..

    I'm afraid I think your misgivings are correct.
    A serious flaw in the logic of dad or granddad or whomever
    /wrote/ that underwater rail-system. But the whole family is all
    screwed up, ain't they?

    Well, i happened to replay 'Myst II' the other day and
    noticed that the above answer is incorrect.

    The answer is to simply get off this island-fragment and
    come right back. Any time one return to this island-fragment from
    any of the other islands the submersible vehicle will have been
    reset back onto it's original perched position.

    So, ¿why does this happen?
    First i was thinking that one might imagine that while i, the
    player, is off on one of the other island-fragments that Gehn,
    somehow can access, uses the vehicle and then place it back up on
    its parked location.
    But that can't be, because it also happens if one later in the
    game, with the submersible in the inaccessible position, use the
    linking-book in the mini-dome to go to the lava-filled
    linking-hub world... where Gehn is just outside the building you
    link into and where you can call him to come inside. When one
    link back to the 'village-island' the location of the submersible
    will have been reset.
    I also don't think the natives, the villagers, have been
    taught/are allowed to use access/use the submersible, so i don't
    believe that 'resetting' is done by them.

    So, as i see it, there is an internal flaw in the
    game-logic, and it is this unlogic that allows us, the
    gameplayers, to always have access to the school, to be able to
    learn that which we need to learn there, without having to
    'cheat' either by reloading a savegame or by replaying from the

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