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    On Wednesday, May 16, 2001 at 11:36:39 PM UTC+1, Mark Simonson wrote:
    As I mentioned a couple of days ago in a separate thread, the fonts are
    fixed now and available on my site at this address:


    The erratic character mapping in the PC version is fixed. However, because
    of the way Windows handles fonts, not all of the ATASCII range can be emulated. Fortunately, all of the alphanumeric characters (both normal and inverse) are accessible. The characters that are affected are some graphics and control characters. Theoretically, it may be possible to make eight of these accessible using some very subtle tricks, but so far I've had no success. When and if I do, I will let everyone know.

    (For the uninitiated, these are TrueType fonts for Macs or PCs which emulate the ATASCII characters set from the 8-bit Ataris making it possible to view and print Atari text files on modern computers.)

    Mark Simonson

    Mac/Atari Fusion: Atari 8bit Resources for Mac Users http://www2.bitstream.net/~marksim/atarimac/

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    Bless you, lad.

    Mark Simonson marksim@bitstream.net replied:

    Heh, heh... I can't believe I never noticed that. Since the Mac version
    works as it should in this regard, I always assumed the PC version did too.
    I'm just surprised it's taken this long for anyone to report this bug (and >> that's really what it is).
    I will post it on my site and announce it here as soon as I make the fixed >> version. My apologies to all you Windows users for the inconvenience.


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    Can one use these fonts with Css3 on a webpage freely?



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