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    To all my friends and Atari users in general.I'm self quarantined due to
    the covid virus and I'm practicing social distancing. Still, I could use
    a friend. Feel free to call me and we can talk about Atari & stuff!=Ben=

    Games/software, hardware/accessories & books/references.Atari computers,
    Atari 8 bit & ST lines + 2600/5200/7800, Jaguar & Lynx games, consoles &
    hand helds!FREE catalogs at BensCatalogs.Atari.org or BenSells.Atari.org
    You'll also goto Specials.Atari.org or request catalogs by E-Mail at BenSells@Atari.org or AtariSales@sdf.org Specify Atari 8 bit, ST, 2600/
    7800, 5200, Jaguar and/or Lynx. Request catalog archives in either ARC,
    LZH, ZIP or ZOO format!Goto Adoption.Atari.org or Call Ben 24Hrs Anytime (503)256-9974!Come for the sales, stay for the service. Dealers welcome!

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