• Missing the Atari parties

    From mariano.dm@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Thu May 2 16:39:38 2019
    Thanks to everyone that hepled me with my atari to me when I was at college (1996).

    Especially Michael Current, Ivo Van Poorten and Marcos Mercado.

    Update 19 years after: I have a 800XL, got my Side2 Cart, SIO2SD and SIO2usb form lotharek in poland.

    Sent my atari to Marlin https://thebrewingacademy.com/ for installing a 1MB Ultimate, hope I can get it back in some more days.

    Just got a 1040 ST and Ultrasatan, but now trying to decide if I mod it for composite or get a 15khz monitor.

    I have 2 desktop computers , 2 Atari, 3 laptops and 3 raspberry pi. one more screen and my wife will kick me out of the house :)

    Cheers to everyone.

    See you in the Forum or in BBS when I get my ST online.

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