• How You Can Do The Internet (DialUp) With Your Atari Computer!

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    My Internet Service Provider Is www.sdf.org! I LogOn With DialUp! You'll
    Have To Make A Donation To Get Started (Maybe Five Dollars) And They Do
    Charge A Monthly Flat Rate For Dialup Access!OtherWise, sdf.org is FREE!
    For Me, FREE Is Not Working For Me!I Need Customer Support, I Need Local DialUp, I Need Many Things I'm Not Getting From sdf.org, So FREE Is Just
    Not Enough! SomeOne Recommended To Me Either calweb Or panix! Pardon Me
    But I Dont Remember If calweb And/Or panix Are .com Or .org!I Researched
    calweb First,Thinking They Were In California And Pacific Standard Time,
    And I Was Right! They Are In California! Still, They Were'nt For Me!They
    Only Have DialUp In California, And Nevada! So Then, I Researched Panix!
    Which Seems To Be Right For Me!They Have Many DialUp Numbers, That Looks
    Like All States In The United States!ThisAllows Me To Drop Long Distance
    From My Secondary Basic Phone Line For DialUp & Apply Some Of That Money
    For The DialUp Fee! Goto www.panix.com And See For Yourself!I Can Log-In
    To Local DialUp Internet With My Atari Mega ST4 And My 14,400 BaudMoDeM!
    I Haven't Signed Up Yet, But I'm Going To Sign Up For A Trial Period!I'm
    Going To Have To Pay A Fee To Use Their DialUp Number For The FREE Trial Period, But It's Worth It! I Live By My Credo, "Every Good Salesman Uses
    His Own Products"! I Believe This, Whole Heartedly! If I Had My Way, I
    Wouldn't Even Own A Computer Other Than Atari!I Have A PC(Piece of Crap)
    Mainly For The Web! I'm The O.G.! Not The Original Gangster, But I'm The Original Gamer! I Still And Only Play Games On My Various Atari! Please,
    Please Answer, Please Reply Irregardless of your answers! Thanx! =-Ben-=

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