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    I'm Looking To Move To A NEW ISP! I've Been At My Old ISP @sdf.org For 1
    Year And I'm Ready To Move! My Old ISP Does Not Use Include And I'm Not
    Getting Enough Support! Continue Reading Below To See What I'm Looking
    For!I'm Looking For Someone To Find What I'm Looking For Me!PleaseReply,
    Please Answer, Please Reply Irregardless of your answers! Thanx! =-Ben-=

    As For An ISP, I Need Customer Service And Support! I Need UNIX Shell
    With DialUp With Open Phone Lines And No Waiting! No Busy Signal! I Also
    Need Alpine For E-Mail, And NewsGroups! Lynx As My HTML Browser, As Well
    As Some Kind Of WebMail! I Need My WebSite Hosted There Like I Had On Aracnet.com That I Can Maintain, But Also Get Support For My HTML On My WebSite! I Need To Be Able To Upload/Download Files Over My Phone Line
    With X-MoDeM, Y-MoDeM Batch, And Even Z-MoDeM! I Need Full FTP So I Can Transfer Files Including Atari Files From The University Of Michigan! I
    Need Full Featured Support For HTML Including The Include Command On My WebSite! I Need Full Access Or At Least Support And Service In A Timely Manner!I Would Like Phone Support From Some Where In The US Or Canada Or
    At Least E-Mail Support In A Timely Manner! I Need Both PICO And NANO
    On-Line Editors! I Would Like ARC, LHARC Or LZH, ZIP And ZOO Archivers!
    I Need A One Stop Shop With EveryThing I Need, & Price Is Not A Problem!
    Please Answer, Please Reply Irregardless of your answers!Thanx!=-=Ben=-=

    Games/Software, Hardware/Accessories & Books/References!Atari Computers,
    8 Bit & ST Lines + Atari 2600/5200/7800, Jaguar & Lynx Games, Consoles &
    Hand Helds! FREE Catalogs At BensCatalogs.Atari.org You Can Also Goto BenSells.Atari.org Or Request Catalogs By E-Mail At BenSells@Atari.org Specify Atari 8 Bit, ST, 2600/7800, 5200, Jaguar Or Lynx!!!!! Or Request Catalog Archives In Either .ARC, .ZIP Or .ZOO Formats! Call Ben Anytime, (503)256-9974!Come For The Sales, Stay For The Service!Sent On My Atari!

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