• Thank You, My Health, And My Web Site!

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    I Know ThanksGiving Has Passed, But I Wanted To Say Thank You To All Who
    Are Reading This!To All Having Been Keeping Me In There Prayers! Whether
    They Are Customers Or Not! Besides Kidney Failure, My Left Leg And Left
    Hand Are Swollen From Edema, Especially My Left Hand!If Your So Willing,
    Pray For My Health, Both Physical And Emotional, Especially My Physical
    Health, Such As The Swelling In My Left Hand!It's In Pain And Physically
    Weak And It's In Pain And So Weak, Typing And Other Things Are Hard,Like
    Any Work Like Inventory,Getting Out Of My Chair & Lifting With My Hands!
    I'm Also Switching WebMasters And The Physical Location Of My WebSiteAnd
    I'll Be My Own WebMaster, Doing My Own WebWork, Which I Prefer!I've Done
    This For Years! I Can Continue This My Self! My E-Mail Will Still Be At BenSells@Atari.org Which Always Forwards My E-Mail To AtariSales@sdf.org

    Games/Software, Hardware/Accessories & Books/References!Atari Computers,
    8 Bit & ST Lines + Atari 2600/5200/7800, Jaguar & Lynx Games, Consoles &
    Hand Helds! FREE Catalogs at BensCatalogs.Atari.org You can also Goto BenSells.Atari.org or goto www.BravoSierraComputers.com Request Atari Catalogs by E-Mail at AtariSales@sdf.org or BenSells@Atari.org Specify
    Atari 8 Bit, ST, 2600/7800, 5200, Jaguar or Lynx!!!! Or Request Complete Catalog Archives In Either .ARC, .ZIP Or .ZOO Formats! Call Ben Anytime, (503)256-9974!Come For The Sales, Stay For The Service!Sent on my Atari!

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