• Where are the FAQs?

    From Michael Current@21:1/5 to All on Sun Oct 21 18:38:37 2018
    I have revised my FAQ publishing process.

    I will continue to maintain them in the same format, flat plain 7-bit ASCII text files in Minimum Digest Format, and I will continue to post them, irregularly now, to the three Usenet newsgroups comp.sys.atari.8bit, comp.answers, and news.answers. Posting to the newsgroups will still be the official way new versions get published.

    The FAQ-Server service at MIT is dead, so now I will now post manually. I've got a reasonably efficient system worked out that seems to work.

    The Usenet FAQ FTP archives and web mirrors, as far as I can tell, are also dead, so I will no longer point people to find the latest FAQ versions at any of those sites.

    There will now be two official web locations for the latest version of the FAQ (because realistically, who's going to find it on the newsgroups?): now at my website, and enhanced versions of the main FAQ still at: http://www.atari800xl.eu/

    My website: https://mcurrent.name/
    Direct links:
    https://mcurrent.name/atari-8-bit/faq.txt https://mcurrent.name/atari-8-bit/vendev.txt https://mcurrent.name/atari-8-bit/welcome.txt

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