• XEGS floppy

    From The_Evener@particlesbbs.dyndns.org@21:1/5 to All on Mon Apr 23 11:03:23 2018
    FYI, this is the same cbmeeks. I finally bought a 1050. Almost 14 years later!!! LOL<
    Look how much thinner I was in that last post. Ugh.<

    Congrats on finally chasing down a
    1050 after all of that time!
    Determination wins the day. I hear
    what you're saying about changes since
    the last post. I have some added grey
    for good measure. But my Coleco Adam
    stuff doesn't look much different at
    all - even avoiding the yellowing.
    That said, I prefer not to resemble
    plastic in any case. Onwards!

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