• Convert a Xcode project to a Cocoa Framework

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    Hi, I have a Xcode project (cocos2d application) and I want to convert
    it to a Cocoa Framework project exporting all .h files from the
    project, to be able to import it from another project and use it like
    a Framework with the respective headers.

    What do I have to do?

    I wouldn't create a new project at all. Instead, I'd add a new framework target to the existing project, then add the source files to the new
    target. That will allow you to use the same set of source files for both
    the framework and the standalone app, which makes it easier to keep
    them in synch when changes are made.


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    actually I had a question.
    I have a C++ project, and I would like to save/export it as a framework and not just a standalone app...Any idea as to how can I do it. Your help will be really appreciated... :)

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