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    What I see and hear on Messenger and Skype, and what I read in email >messages, tends to be more believable.

    So you love snit because a falsetto voice is trustworthy?
    And you're going to get rich fast because of that Uncle in
    Nigeria you never heard of gave you all his bank accounts?
    Sure you can trust emails and instant messaging.

    The problem with Usenet is it remembers. People build their
    reputation over decades. See note below for your reputation

    You have read an honest summary of my career in LinkedIn.

    The site you told us would accept "any lies". But even so
    removed a lot of "your" stolen media due to DMCA takedowns?
    We weren't born yesterday.
    PS Just how drunk are you?

    BD: I want people to "get to know me better. I have nothing to
    I'm always here to help, this page was put up at BD's request,
    rather, he said "Do it *NOW*!":


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