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    On Mon, 6 Dec 2021 22:34:57 +0000, David Brooks <DavidB@invalid.E-S>

    On 06/12/2021 21:06, Wolffan wrote, about BD

    You’re an idiot. And a vile stalker, troll, and serial homosexual sexual >> harasser.

    a load of bollocks from an insignificant factory worker.

    So you think you know which one of your "friends" told
    Wolffan? A factory worker?
    WRONG, he had multiple sources.
    Your phishing didn't work. *AGAIN*.

    PS Why are you cross-posting your personal data to a Mac
    group? OT up.

    BD: I want people to "get to know me better. I have nothing to
    I'm always here to help, this page was put up at BD's request,
    rather, he said "Do it *NOW*!":


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