• Infocom native on the Apple ///

    From Steve Nickolas@21:1/5 to All on Mon Dec 6 09:09:58 2021

    The first 3 tracks of each of these disk images contain a patched version
    of Infocom's Z3 interpreter M. I only did very basic testing with it, but
    that testing appears to work (in emulation, at least).

    On any model of Apple ][, it should work exactly as before.

    On an Apple ///, an unused track was used to store some additional
    runtimes. The boot sector is altered accordingly and will boot on both systems. It runs in the 40-column mode with lowercase enabled (a
    compromise that I did because 80-column mode would have required me to completely reverse-engineer the interpreter to move it out of the
    0800-0BFF memory space as well as more serious alterations to the terminal driver).

    Only some bare-minimum patching is applied to the interpreter, which runs
    more or less exactly the same as it would on the ][. Oh, and I made it
    report "Apple III Version M" instead of "Apple II Version M" when run on a

    The free space came from the fact that the M interpreter does not use
    track $02, so that's where I put all my "new" code. (A lot of it is just
    ripped out of the Apple ][ ROM.)


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