• new apple2 demos/game

    From vince@pianoman.cluster.toy@21:1/5 to All on Thu Nov 18 13:47:36 2021

    did a few things for the Demosplash Demoparty this year.

    I wrote a demo in Apple Logo //, this won 1st place:
    needs a IIe with enhanced firmware. The enhanced requirement is because
    it was easier to get the music going with the improved interrupt handling,
    it'd probably be possible to add some support for a regular IIe if I stuck
    IRQ handlers throughout the banks. Code should probably work on a IIc but currently doesn't for some reason.

    I also won 2nd place in the 1k competition
    This one does some HGR graphics as well as playing a short mockingboard
    tune all in 1k. The tune+player fit in 512B, though I need to optimize
    it some more, as French Touch has a mockingboard player that fits in 256B.

    Finally I've been working on a "demake" of the Peasant's Quest (2004) sierra spoof Flash game to run on the Apple II.
    You can watch a talk I gave on the current challenges of the port here:


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