• Scott Adams text adventure disassembly

    From fadden@21:1/5 to All on Tue Aug 24 14:06:14 2021
    I have fond memories of frustration playing these adventure games. I remember peeking at the binary to find clues one time, and being confused by finding a bunch of text that didn't seem like it should be in the game. (Apparently some bits of the data
    file ended up in the padding areas.)

    I looked around on the web and discovered a bunch of tools and scattered documentation, but most of it was based on a TRS-80 BASIC source listing of Pirate's Adventure published in Byte magazine, or derived by examining how the data files were used in
    games, rather than disassembling the interpreter.

    I figured I'd fill in a few gaps by disassembling the Apple II version. The code itself is sort of interesting, making minimal use of zero page, and making heavy use of the stack and inline data to manipulate 16-bit values.


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