• USB Linkadapter

    From Mike B.@21:1/5 to All on Mon Dec 23 08:19:03 2019

    From time to time I've been asked if I can sell one of my USB link adapter modules. Unfortunately there are no spare devices left – all in use :-).

    But if we find enough people to produce 10 devices I can try to find out the final overall production costs. But I don’t think that they will be much cheaper than EUR 100,- per device.

    All my devices are running trouble free since many years. To get more information you can visit http://transputer.net/hw/hw.asp. It’s now also updated in this point.

    So if you want to order one (or even more), simply write me an e-mail.

    Merry Christmas – and never stop transputing

    PS: Thx to Richard for proofreading my technote 3

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