• pre-announce: Size 2 TRAM through hole PCB

    From Richard Edwards@21:1/5 to All on Fri Nov 15 16:48:40 2019
    Hi everyone

    So I have been working away for a while now (is it years?) on a way to get all those wonderful transputers that need a TRAM to live in out of draws and into systems.

    this is a pre-release insight of what I hope is nearly available.

    Size 2 TRAM
    4 Layer Board
    Through hole components (no SMD)
    ZIP20 Memory

    The following link documents that journey (head towards the bottom for latest photos). If I have misrepresented anything or missed an important point please let me know in a private message.


    I am still waiting for what I hope to be the final version to come back from PCBway. Once tested I will be posting as an available board to the retrobrew computing forum.

    If anyone here is interested please let me know.



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