• ftest and the T425

    From Mike B.@21:1/5 to All on Mon May 27 14:48:20 2019

    Maybe a few people has recognized that sometimes ftest runs into problems when a T425 is in the transputer farm. The problem is, that the specific T425 test runs only on the revision A (e.g T425A)! There was an bigger change of the uCode between T425A
    and T425B/C (B is identical to C except lddevid). So, almost all STEP XYZ locations in the test code has changed.

    Today I was able to transform and fix this issue and find the mapping of the old uCode locations (RevA) to the newer uCode locations (RevB & RevC) and a few minor differences.

    Many thanks to Gavin for his uCode dump instructions which allow me to read the uCode from T425A, B & C and Claus for the full access to his uCode analysis which enables me to collect the required information for the mapping.

    If there is someone who is compiling his own ftest.exe, I can supply the test425x.occ code (for RevB and Rev C).

    Kind regards

    PS: I believe there is the same issue with the T801A ftest code. To fix this I would require access to a T801A to dump the uCode. Unfortunately I have only T801B transputers.

    PSPS: uCode Dumps (CPU only) are taken from:

    T414 A B
    T400 B
    T425 A B C
    T800 C D
    T805 D G

    If you have a transputer in a PGA package with a different revision I would like to exchange it with a higher version (if possible).

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