• Parsytec TIP-BUS

    From carlier.damien@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Fri Mar 22 03:20:24 2019
    hello fans of transputers, at least those who stay.

    I am looking for info on maps of Parsytec TIP-BUS.

    I currently have the docs in German TIP-VPU and TIP CGD cards, and thus the pin assignment of DIN 96 connector and the locations of the UniLinks links.

    By cons nothing on the pinning of the TIP connector side, I assume that the bus is a bus connected in daisy-Chain ?

    I know that the cards were well used with MultiCluster 3, so they are compatible by using them as computation nodes in the Multicluster 2 or Megaframe.

    Apparently there is an app dedicated to BUS-TIP: TIP-Software, someone would he still that?

    possible applications under Helios, exepted in base calculation node? a driver exists for TIP-CGD under helios? (Inmos G364 framebufer)

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