• Early INMOS documents (T424,OCCAM)

    From Mike B.@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jan 9 08:08:24 2019

    I've updated my website with a few very old INMOS documents:

    Inmos (http://www.transputer.net/ibooks):
    72-TRN-001-00 The IMS T424 transputer - September 1983
    72-TRN-002-00 The IMS T424 transputer data card - January 1984

    Occam (http://www.transputer.net/obooks):
    72-OCC-001-00 Language Overview: Occam - January 1984
    72-OCC-007-00 Data Card: Occam - June 1984

    Instructions (http://www.transputer.net/iset):
    Transputer Instruction Set: T414 High level microcode - September 27, 1988
    + the whole occam code in a single text file!

    Many Thx to Uwe from Dresden for the scans.


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