• A Transputer as a link interface

    From Mike B.@21:1/5 to All on Thu Feb 25 00:54:55 2016
    To use a Transputer (e.g a T222) as a dedicated Link interface chip sounds like a good idea. Four links, overlapped acknowledge, local processing power, ...

    But when I try to implement the simple linkio function:

    int ReadLink( int LinkId, char *Buffer, unsigned int Count, int Timeout );

    I'm running into the problem, how to discover the number of transferred bytes (which is the return value of the function) in combination with the timeout.

    Let's say - you want to read 4 bytes, but the other process only sends 2 bytes, the function has to return the value 2 after the timeout expires.

    resetch doesn't return the transferred bytes and testhardchan is not possible (as far as I know) because the other process may send additional bytes at any time.

    To read single bytes in an timed ALT construct in combination with a separate counter would be possible but reduces the possible throughput to much.

    Any further ideas?


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