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    I have several TRAM boards in a several boxes. Most of them have never been used. We bought them at work in the nineties, but I saved them from becoming electronic waste some 20 years ago. I am now retired.

    They are T222, T225, T425 and some T805 - from memory.

    Is it interesting that I make a list of what I have? It would have been nice to see them used, rather than becoming _real_ electronic waste.

    I would sell them for a small price and then there would be postage.

    Please answer my general question here, or mail me.

    Such a list would appear on: https://www.teigfam.net/oyvind/home/technology/transputer-tram-boards-for-sale/

    √ėyvind Teig

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    NONE LEFT, ALL SOLD, ALL SHIPPED! I will not answer "first name" signed mails from "no-name-in" mail addresses of any form of query. Sorry.

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